Interivew with Bertarelli Foundation founder and board member Kirsty Bertarelli

Grace Cooper introduces the evening

Burton & South Derbyshire College

A group of learners from Burton & South Derbyshire College coming together from different courses from across the college to get involved in the Creative Minds Festival to explore a passion for the Performing Arts.
Being part of Creative Minds has been a great way of meeting new people and creating something out of nothing. The group are all really excited to perform their finished product in front of an audience. He performance is about the connection of Burton and Stoke by the River Trent; telling the story about the cycle of the river and its journey from source to sea.

Clough Hall Technology College

Clough Hall School’s vibrant drama department is back for the second year of the Creative Minds Festival. Made up of year 7 and year 8 students, the group has been working extremely hard to retell an horrific, yet uplifting story of war and generosity. Using complex story telling techniques the young people involved have developed new skills and a new understanding of creating innovatively captivating, dynamic contemporary theatre. Alongside director Matthew Bowden, the group has experimented with physicality, chorus and ensemble story telling to produce a precise performance.

Langdale Primary School

Langdale Primary School, Clayton, is a friendly school which takes pride in giving children as many opportunities as possible to enable them to reach their amazing potential. The children taking part in Creative Minds are between 6 to 11 years old and are all very enthusiastic! Some of them have played instruments before and for some this will be a new experience, which they are eager to participate in.

The Langdale cheerleading team, Langdale Lions, will be performing alongside the musicians. The Langdale Lions train every week and have been together for 3 years; they have performed at many events and are excited to be part of a live music production at The Regent Theatre.


Shelton Young Women Youth Service

By their own admission The Shelton Young Women’s Project are all classy, unique, fun and modern. They have put together a dance based on the one and only Titanic which takes us through the journey of the amazing ship from the Celebration of the Launch to the unfortunate sadness of the loss of lives of the people on board.

The group meets every Wednesday and this project has brought together young women from different ages, races, religions and cultural backgrounds who represent and are a voice of young women in Shelton.

“Us girls are always up for a laugh and joke and we strive to do the best in whatever we set our minds to” This opportunity has made us appreciate how Stoke-on-Trent has had an impression on the world. So watch out teams here comes the Sheltoneers!!!!!

Stepping Stones

St. Stephen’s Church

St. Stephen’s Church is at the heart of the thriving community of Bentilee. Not just geographically at the heart of the community, but also metaphorically. The volunteer youth leaders give the young people of Bentilee the opportunity to engage with activities such as sport, crafts and now drama. Working alongside Liverpool based director Matthew Bowden, ‘A Proper Defence’ is a representational performance that tackles the true historical events of the Potteries Riots in Stoke, 1842. Although the subject matter could be tough to understand for some of the younger participants, the older participants helped explain the situation and almost became mentors for the younger performers. This approach of helping others that need help is something that is fostered at St. Stephen’s church and aiding the development of the wider community in Bentilee.

Baldwins Gate Primary School

We are year 6 from Baldwins Gate Primary School. Some of us have been together since reception, and other have joined along the way. Baldwins Gate is a little village in North Staffordshire.

We are creative, imaginative and enjoy sharing our talents together. We have been lucky enough to have opportunities to learn brass and because of our hard work and dedication we have evolved into a brass band.

On stage is where we belong, performing dances, plays and songs, but let’s not forget we’re also footballers, netballers and record breaking swimmers.

Creative Minds has given us the opportunity to express ourselves through unique music and sounds; which was inspired by our local pottery industry, incorporating different beats and sounds.

Our hope for the future is that other children will have the same opportunities and experiences as we have had to help them grow as individuals.

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