Reaction live from the opening night in the foyer by Grace Cooper

Grace Cooper interviews Creative Learning Director, Ian Moore, ahead of the second evening of the festival

St Thomas More College

“Animated Rainbow” is an eclectic bunch of musicals that adore the creations they make. The musicality within this band is to die for two keyboard players, two songstresses, a rapper, bass player and guitarists. The penchant “Animated Rainbow” has for song writing is undeniably a key asset.

Animated rainbow are fired on all tuneful cylinders and unafraid to take musical risks as they convey beautifully with agreeable feeling and passion. This band has an animated charm, which is musically vivid.

“Animated Rainbow” will light up any stage with a colourful melodious glow, as they showcase stunning musical genius and flair.

Sandon Business and Arts College

Sandon Business and Arts College re-tell the story of the Lidice tragedy where Dr Stross lead the Stoke-on-Trent ‘Lidice Shall Live’ campaign backed by thousands of local miners.

YMCA (Hanley)

YMCA produce a drama a music piece “Give Youth A Chance” – A mantra for the YMCA Hanley, focused on youth welfare

Academy of Performing Arts

The Academy for Performing Arts is a theatre school and performing arts education establishment based in South Cheshire offering a comprehensive curriculum of classes for children and adults comprising Ballet, Tap, Street Dance, Musical Theatre, Bokwa Fitness, Pilates, Ballroom and Tot Stars, as well hosting bespoke party experiences for children and adults.

Since August 2010 The Academy has grown steadily and now has more than 100 students on role, has staged 2 shows and been involved in numerous charity events. In December 2012 The Academy hosted their first set of Examinations and were thrilled with the 100% pass rate, with 100% of students gaining Honours in their Musical Theatre examinations and 100% of students gaining Honours or Merit in their Street Dance examinations.


Fusion Performance Arts is a multi-award winning performing arts school, based in Tean, Stoke-on-Trent, teaching students of all ages. Fusion Performance Arts explores all aspects of the performing arts — its practice, history, meaning — and fosters a spirit of inquiry by providing practitioners and students with tools for critical and inventive thinking and opportunities for practical application.

The music composed for the festival is based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and her emotional journey and experiences as she attempts unravel and make sense of the community that she inhabits both in real life and inside wonderland itself.

New Vic: Strathcross

A film and song, journeys and travel, by boat or balloon, something lost, something found far away, a suitcase full of surprises.

New Vic: Strathcross is a group of adults with learning difficulties who have been working with drama at the New Vic Theatre.
For Creative Minds they have created a short film and music on the theme of Global/Local.

M.Y. Theatre

Facilitators and directors, Jill Young and Steve Mitchell, have been working independently in professional and amateur theatre, education, social services and with people with disabilities for the last 25 years.

They met whilst directing and musically directing and in 2010 formed M.Y. Theatre Company.

At the time a number of young adults and late teens identified a lack of theatrical experience and opportunity for their age group, so M.Y. Theatre Company was formed to provide a professional performance training environment, initially for them . We have since staged numerous shows, musicals and tours including our own work, been in the Buxton Fringe, and attracted a wider range of adults, abilities and disabilities. We now also have an active youth section and work in schools delivering theatre in education and the community delivering integrated drama, dance and choir.

We have recently moved from Congleton to Hanley and have a new premises, CPAC, on Birch terrace.

Co-Operative Academy of Stoke-on-Trent

The Co-Operative Academy of Stoke-on-Trent band comprises of 22 year 7 and year 8 students who meet every week on a Friday afternoon as part of the Academy’s enrichment programme.

Most of the students were introduced to playing a musical instrument at their primary school and have opted to continue at the Academy where tuition is provided in the band/group setting. This encourages students to work co-operatively and is simply more fun!

The band, known as ‘The Academy of Note’ play a range of different types of music and are building their repertoire as their ability improves. The Academy provides instruments and tuition free of charge to ensure no student with an interest in Music is excluded because of financial difficulties.

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Hollie · 8 July, 2013 at 1:05 pm

We were given our task late but everyone i know who went to see us perform says we were amazing and im so happy they are pleasesd . Laura was amazing and taught us so much im so glad she was working with us as is the rest of the group . Everyone was amazing but Sandon were tremendous with effort and enthusiasum , we didnt get through this time but is dosnt stop us next year . COME ON SANDON 😀 x

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