Reaction live from the opening night in the foyer by Grace Cooper

WEA Community Group

“Allsorts” is a WEA Community Group choir collection of people who enjoy lovable company. The group wants to gain new confidence through taking part in the Creative Minds Festival, evolving into the next amazing choir to grace the stages of Stoke.

“Allsorts” have chosen songs that embody the love they have for Stoke, this choir bring a new, fresh crisp sound, as they deliver a variety of genres. They are indeed a choir to follow for the future.

Together “Allsorts” make the sweetest agreement of melodies; choir lessons will continue to be a weekly place to socialise for this group of musical lovelies.

YMCA Hanley

Home is where the heart is – isnt it? Home can mean different things to different people, what is home in one country can be different to another. A group of YMCA (Hanley) users explore home, homelessness and its global description through film and photography.

Painsley Catholic College

Painsley Catholic College are a group of enthusiastic, lively, happy, bubbly, eager and courageous Year 8 students from Painsley Catholic College, Cheadle in the Staffordshire Moorlands.

They’re really excited that they are the first group from Painsley to have the brilliant opportunity to work with a professional director and perform on a professional stage.

Ridgeway Primary School

Ridgeway Primary School is full of talented, enthusiastic and competitive children. The Year 5 children are overjoyed to represent the school in this project.

Their motto ‘The Sky is Our Limit’ is an integral part of everyday life at Ridgeway Primary School, Burntwood, Staffordshire. At Ridgeway, children enjoy creative learning, enjoy achieving awards, taking part in competitions and festivals and they all have fun! The Year 5 group are buzzing with excitement and just can’t wait to perform on a real stage in front of a real audience.

The children have had a fantastic time working with the Bertarelli Creative Practitioner, David Woolley, and have learnt so much about West African Music, different instruments, performing music, performing dance, but most importantly, working as a team!

Regent Academy of Performing Arts [Dance]

Choreographed by Briony Martin-Foster assisted by aerial specialist John Buckle Regent Academy [Dance] presents As if on a Distant Horizon, the groups first experience of aerial work, is about growing, developing and becoming something incredible.

Using the work of internationally renowned Stoke on Trent artist Emily Campbell as a starting point they have created a visually and emotionally stimulating piece exploring the journey of a butterfly from chrysalis to airborne butterfly.

They have used Emily’s bespoke public space art commission for Hanley Park and her art for hospitals including North Staffordshire and Harplands Hospital, Stoke on Trent to influence the movement and narrative of the piece.

Blackfriars FE

A further education establishment based in Bucknall. Blackfriars College whose “Outstanding” ofsted provision offers wonderful experiences for special needs students 16-19.

At Blackfriars the students have been studying Brazilian samba. A colourful collaboration of costume, colour, dance and rhythm. Their presentation is a musical and vocal extension of our Brazilian carnival theme. A Romeo and Juliet style story focussing on a local family and cross cultural differences that occur when a Brazilian family enter the community disrupting the status quo.

Milton Youth Group Y.S.

Milton Youth Centre is a very special place because there are very few youth centres left in Stoke-on-Trent and it’s a space where young people can come together to make friends, find out information and advice, have fun, experience new things we wouldn’t normally get the opportunities to do. They get to have a voice in our centre and the wider community.

The youth centre is a safe environment for to socialise with their friends and meet new people. They can have fun whilst learning new things and finding ways to express their feelings. It’s awesome!

Their piece for the Creative Minds Festival is all about how fortunate we are as young people in our community in the UK and how many young people around the world are much less fortunate than us.

Carmountside Primary School

Carmountside Primary School have produced a dramatic and moving piece about the Lidice tragedy during the second world war and the movement by Stoke on Trent MP Barnet Stross to rebuild Lidice with the miners of the area





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Joan dennis · 4 July, 2013 at 9:56 am

Really enjoyed Creative Minds on 2nd July. Ridgeway Primary School were amazing. So professional

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