In the first of a series of interviews about The Bertarelli Foundation’s Creative Minds Festival, Knot FM questions Chase Johnston Lynch about his involvement with the festival. Here he tells us about his projects, including one with zombies, and why he thinks the Creative Minds festival is important.

In this second part of the Creative Minds interviews series, Graham Elstone tells us about his happiness of being part of the festival for the second year in a row. Graham also speaks about his workshops involving adults with learning issues and what he wants people to take away from the festival.

Walking into The Discovery Academy North Site, it was like going back to my schooldays. Yet, this is one of the educational institutes that are part of The Bertarelli Foundation’s Creative Minds Festival, and also where Knot FM got the chance to interview Andy McKeown. Sitting in a classroom with a few of the pupils partaking in his workshops, Andy tells us about his kaleidoscope machine and how his groups are going to brighten up The Regent with their light displays.

Interviews By Grace Cooper

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