The season for suave conman Lawrence Jameson who makes his living by talking rich women out of their money  has just begun but matters become more  interesting when Freddy Benson, a young American arrives.  They attempt to working together and hilarity ensues as both seek to win a wager that would see the other leave town. This adaptation of the film  is dynamic, with good moments of comedy. The relationship between Jameson played by Michael Praed and Benson played by Noel Sullivan is vital. They have great chemistry and appear to have far more fun than the audience at times! They also have great comic timing and can sing well too. We mustn’t forget Emma Caffrey who played Jolene and who brought the stage to life with her energy. Carley Stenson is every bit the equal of the two assured con men. As Christine Colgate she is the perfect  lady and Stenson  has a great voice  and shines as she gets taken in by Jameson and Benson. Geraldine Fitzgerald plays Muriel Eubanks, a classy dame who travels the world  looking for love.  She’s loveable. Mark Benton as Andre Thibault, Jameson’s right hand man’s comic effect enriches the show.  His comic delivery  at key moments throughout the show is brilliant. Scoundrels has a supporting cast that keeps the show moving and adds to the success. As a musical, this  is a worthy successor to a classy film. The energy, great set, costumes  and humour mean it is one to watch. No one will leave the show without having a good evening with many laughs as was shown by the thoroughly deserved standing ovation at this performance .

The show runs at the Regent Theatre from Tuesday 28th July to Saturday August 1st Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at the Box Office, by calling 0844 871 7649 or by visiting

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