We all love a feel good show any time. This one has every feel good factor going , set on a Greek island  it follows Sophie’s story. Inviting her dad to her wedding becomes a little problematic as her mum has never actually said who he is. You probably all know the story anyway, but three men are the possible dad and all are invited.

It is simple but very effective stage setting and it relies on the actors to deliver light hearted and emotional performances which they do. The cast are great, the costumes fab and the music, well it’s Abba, what else can it be other than top notch. This is the sixth longest running show in West End history and easily translates to provincial Hanley.

The Winner Takes It All is a stand out. Sara Poyzer has an outstanding voice. Donna and the Dynamos light up the stage and Helen Anker as Tanya receives many laughs and delivers throughout. The group numbers, Poyzer, Anker and Nicky Swift as Rosie certainly get the toes tapping.

In the second act the song for me was “Does Your Mother Know” Anker owns the stage and James Willoughby Moore as Pepper has the audience laughing as the lovestruck Pepper.

The finale is one to remember and the encore has everyone up clapping, dancing and joining in

The evening is one of pure joy from the energetic choreography and the sparkling costumes to the wonderful Abba music plus the humour, mostly tongue in cheek. The musical is transformed into a concert at the end as the packed audience shouted for more. One thing can be guaranteed, you will be singing all the way home and you will have a great time, that is if you can get a ticket as sales have been extremely good so far.

Mamma Mia runs at the Regent Theatre from Tuesday 17-Saturday 21st May

Photography Brinkhoff Moegenburg

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