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Grease Regent Theatre

In this new production,  the original plot is followed but the dialogue doesn’t intrude too much into the music. There are around eighteen numbers,  with some from the movie which were not in th... Read More »

untitled unnamed sisact

Sister Act. Regent Theatre

The story is the same, the characters are familiar, however all thoughts of Whoopi Goldberg are dispelled within a few minutes as  Burke  claims the role as her own and has a great stage presence. It’... Read More »


The Play That Goes Wrong. Regent Theatre. (May 1st-6th)

This is a  compelling production that nails the humour and so makes it work exceptionally well. The plot sees the amateur dramatic club Cornley Polytechnic Society looking to recover from some previou... Read More »

mamamia mamamia3

Mamma Mia

Like the 2008 film, Mamma Mia the stage show is set on a sun kissed Greek island and centres on a daughter’s quest to discover who her father is for the very first time. It brings her mother face to f... Read More »


Dreamboats and Petticoats Regent Theatre

Dreamboats and Petticoats has been on the road before. It starts with Bobby reminiscing to his granddaughter about the  good old days when, as a  17 year old at his local youth  club, he first encount... Read More »

regv Ev2 Ev3

Evita Regent Theatre

Bill Kenwright’s  version of Evita, has some  new ideas threaded through it. It’s one of if not the best sung version of the show I’ve heard. Even the performers in the minor roles of Magaldi an... Read More »


Cinderella. Regent Theatre Hanley

To many, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a panto.  Jonny Wilkes is  back at Hanley’s Regent Theatre once again this year, for his 11th pantomime in his home city.  He plays the part of Bu... Read More »

Sunny Afternoon Regent Theatre

This musical based on the music of The Kinks tells the story of the socialist brothers from Muswell Hill, Ray and Dave Davies, and their working class band mates Mick Avory and Pete Quaife.  It’... Read More »

The Commitments. Regent Theatre

This musical adaptation of Roddy Doyle’s 1986 book and successful film follows Jimmy Rabbitte, a young working class Dubliner yearning to bring some life and music to his grey and downtrodden corner o... Read More »

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