Priscilla, is brash, camp and very funny. Opening night in Hanley saw a musical celebrating Australian drag at its best  intermingled with a playlist of instantly recognised jukebox anthems.

The set is not as bright as you would expect, in fact it is little more than a series of curtains  but the  costumes are still as good as they were in the original London production. The bus is central to the story and the cast are pretty near faultless, they excel in the final act when using the curtain for effective changes of personnel.

Duncan James has made the transition from Blue concerts to musical theatre and here manages to make gay transvestite dad Tick a  rounded camp character, pulling at our  heartstrings when he  gives fatherhood a shot and gets to bond with his son.

Adam Bailey, too, finds redeeming features in Felicia, while Simon Green’s ex show queen Bernadette is much more than just a bloke in a frock, eventually finding a man previously so elusive.

It’s easy to see why awards have been heaped on this show, more for the  costumes than anything else, there are around 500 of them, 200 hats, 100 wigs and 150 pairs of shoes.

It’s rare to see an entire audience on its feet  dancing on opening night and the atmosphere can only build as the week goes on.

This show has a real feel good factor. Who doesn’t love a bit of Go West, Boogie Wonderland and I Love the Nightlife on a miserable Monday autumnal night?

The show runs at the Regent Theatre from Monday 21st September to Saturday 26th September. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at the Box Office, by calling 0844 871 7649 or by visiting

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