Duty Free is back with a bang, just the added tonic to the fine weather of late.

David and Amy, Robert and Linda, and longsuffering waiter Carlos are all weaving about in the Spanish resort once more. Three of the four original cast are reunited for this production: Keith Barron as David, Neil Stacy playing Robert and Gwen Taylor as Amy are joined by Carol Royle as Linda.

Young honeymooners adds to the main four with one of the couple played by Keith Barron’s son James Barron.

A case of mistaken identity when the young honeymooners see playing-away couple together, presume them to be the wedded pair and are astonished when they witness each legitimate husband and wife together.

It feels exactly like the TV series never ended and the show is very much the performances at it’s height of circa 17 million viewers tuning in on the googlebox and the cast produce laugh out loud moments. It’s well worth a watch and the show runs until 24th , with matinee performances on Wednesday and Saturday.

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