This musical is inspired by the music of Rod Stewart. Stuart (Ben Heathcote) a painfully shy mechanic from Detroit, loves Mary (Jenna Lee-James). He’s too shy to tell her so he strikes a deal with the devil (Tiffany Graves), in which he acquires the soul of Rod Stewart.

The cast are full of energy, but my favourite is Stoner (Michael McKell) who reminded me of some rock”stars” of days gone by. His comic timing is superb.

The show contains 25 songs and they all fit into the story well. The encore certainly gets everyone on their feet and the hats given out to the audience, make an appearance in one track, along with arms waived aloft. (Guess which one )

The show continues at the Regent until Saturday and judging from the opening night crowd, you will need to book your seats quickly. Whether you are a Rod Stewart fan or not, the show will be enjoyed by all.

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