The Wild-West comes to the Regent Theatre this week when warm-hearted musical Annie Get Your Gun, complete with toe-tapping, tuneful and witty score rolls into town.

What’s more remarkable is that it is based on the true love-story of sharp-shooters Annie Oakley played by Emma Williams and Frank E Butler played by Jason Donovan.

The action is set in a big top with the band seated around the back of the stage and the tale starts when Annie’s talents are discovered and joins Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show (played by Norman Pace.). The score is Irving Berlin at his very best and carried of with such style and panache. Emma Williams and Jason Donovan duets of An Old Fashioned Wedding and Anything You Can Do were fantastic and the chemistry between them is plain to see.

Emma Williams is charming, her voice packs the punch of a prize fighter, her mannerisms and comedy moments are carried off with brilliance. Donovan is charasmatic with a stag presence befitting his impressive CV and delivers solid vocals in The Girl That I Marry and My Defenses Are Down

The whole performance was high-class infectious fun from the get-go and a show you could watch again and again and still be as entertained as if it was the first time. It’s fun for family young and old

The performance runs until Saturday and you can get tickets from the Regent Theatre box office or from

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