This year’s panto is  full of impressive singing and dancing supported by a  talented ensemble cast and the Wilkes Academy of Performing Arts. So much a part of the local Christmas festivities, this year’s show lives up to all expectations and more.

The end of act one closes with a magical scene that draws quite a few gasps from the audience. The second act contains a 3D filmed segment as we travel through the scary forest. Cue screaming and shrieking at the visual entertainment followed by plenty of laughs at the ‘Baby Shark’ part of the show. This is then quickly followed by audience participation during the song S-T-O-K-E to the tune of D-I-S-C-O.
The panto is one that the whole family can enjoy. Johnny does a great job as ever , showing his love for our city and the crowd.  Christian Patterson celebrates his 10 year anniversary and is an honorary Stokie. He rocks the chandelier look!

Delme Thomas also deserves a special mention for his hilarious performance as Will Scarlet. He will be physically very fit at the end of this production if opening night is an indicator.
There are the usual references to our local football teams and areas and in truth, every member of the cast deserves a fabulous rating. Don’t miss out this year and be warned tickets are selling out as fast as Will Scarlet moves in the “Twelve days of Christmas” routine!

You can see Robin Hood at The Regent Theatre until Sunday 6th January 2019. Tickets for the evening and matinee performances can be purchased at the Box Office, by calling 08448 717 649 or by visiting


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