Whether you love or hate the theatre, you would have heard of the world-famous ‘Rocky Horror Show’. A tale of two lovers who get involved with aliens from the planet Transylvania is definitely a great alternative to the usual romance stories we commonly see. The Regent Theatre in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, has been graced with the presence of this amazing show, which runs for the next week.

Director Christopher Luscombe’s cast choices may surprise you, with ‘Heartbeat’s Phillip Franks as the Narrator and ‘Tracy Beaker’ star Dani Harmer as Janet, as they step into roles that you would not expect. However they, like the rest of the cast, pull off an amazingly spectacular performance that will keep you entranced for the duration of the play. Frank’s showed his improvisation ability throughout the night as the audience’s heckling got more and more risqué, which added to the comedy. Prepare to also be amazed by Oliver Thornton’s portrayal of the crazy Fran-n-Furter, another one with good responses to the crowd, and Sam Attwater’s skill at playing Brad.

For such as spectacular and dramatic musical, the other components aside from acting really make it work. The simple sets are used cleverly and effectively, a visible live orchestra and Nick Riching’s lighting choices will make you unable to take your eyes off the stage.
Need I say more? You need to experience the production for yourself because no amount of words could summarise this great piece of theatrical work from Richard O’Brien.

Even if you’re the shy and retiring type, you need to see this performance. And if you’re lucky enough to see it at the extravagant Regent Theatre, then you’re in for a night of fun and excitement. Get ready to sing, dance and shout at the stage. Just make sure you dress up for the occasion, even a little bit!

By Grace Cooper

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