It seems like only a few weeks ago that this sitcom was on the TV.  It ran from 1973-1978 and was the story of Frank Spencer and his wife Betty who was surely in line for a long sufferance award.

Now we have the stage adaptation where newly pregnant Betty is attempting to tell Frank the good news. Without giving away too much, we watch a priest, Betty’s mum, her bank manager man, a policeman plus people from the BBC  making this a fast moving farce with lots of comedy and a disintegrating house adding plenty of chaos.

Joe Pasquale fits the role perfectly, his timing is spot on and he helps keep the audience laughing with his brilliantly choreographed physical comedy as well as his lines. He is rarely off stage.  Betty is a great foil played by Sarah Earnshaw and she too is very talented in the art of physical comedy. Susie Blake is excellent as Betty’s mum and she also displays her ability in physical comedy  as Mrs Fisher when  she becomes increasingly drunk.

Moray Treadwell as Mr Worthington and the BBC producer and James Paterson who plays the part of an Irish priest plus Ben Watson offer great support. However the set with its 70’s decor and Frank’s DIY ensure that we are swept along with both the narrative and the furniture as it falls apart.

The show never pauses, it’s relentless and this farce with gentle comedy ensures that everyone has a good laugh and a great night outI It is just what we need in these difficult times.

Runs until Sat 30th July

Image Scott Rylander

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