Son of a Preacher Man is the story of  three heartbroken strangers seeking comfort by evoking memories of an old 1960s record shop in Soho called, The Preacher Man. The shop and its much loved owner, are no longer around, but it is hoped that his renowned advice to those who were down on their luck could be brought back through his son, Simon. He is now the coffee shop manager of what used to be the record shop, and embarks on a romantic mission to pair everyone up.

Diana Vickers as Kat, plays a conflicted twenty something. She performed well vocally as you would expect and added humour.

Debra Stephenson, as the recently widowed teacher Alison, also has a good singing voice but doesn’t really get the chance to show her real inner conflict.

Michael Howe as Paul, plays a kind and spirited man looking to find an old love, Howe generated much feeling and energy in his role and his back story is believable as he tries to find his teenage crush. He gave a moving rendition of ‘I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten’, where he recalled falling in love as a young man. Simon’s character was likeable, Gary Mitchenson sang well and brought depth to his character.

The quality of the musical numbers and the choreography lift the show, but the plot is a little on the thin side.

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