Starting this review I didn’t quite know how to articulate or indeed even attempt to do justice to what I had just witnessed on stage at Regent Theatre.

In what can only be described as a stunning re-telling of the 1990 classic film Ghost, the stage comes alive with some of the most novel and fantastic special effects that I have witnessed in person.

The high tech set and choreography alone could not make the musical without the talent of those adorning the stage. Stewart Clarke stars as murdered Sam Wheat who comes back as a ghost to warn his girlfriend Molly (Rebecca Trehearn) with the assistance of Oda Mae Brown (played by show stopper Wendy Mae Brown). To top it off music and lyrics by none other than Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart

I cannot stress how everyone in the area should be clamoring to see this spectacle. The second the lights dimmed on the proceedings for the cast to come to take their deserved plaudits the whole audience erupted and rose to their feet within seconds.

Take your tissues, there was a solid ten minutes where the audience were weeping and me putting on a brave upper lip, I fought back tears by cough, such was the way the storytelling, effects and acting drew the whole audience in.

This isn’t a musical, it’s an experience. The tour is on it’s last legs ending in Oxford on 8 March and runs at Regent Theatre until 18th January. Please go and see what I believe is the best use of effects, lighting, graphics, music and acting I have ever seen at Regent Theatre.

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