UpRising Staffordshire & YMCA North Staffordshire to host Cities Youth Community Question Time

On Thursday 11th September, UpRising & YMCA North Staffordshire is hosting a political debate for young people across the City. This will take place 6pm -8pm at the Council Chambers, Civic Offices, Stoke on Trent.

At the debate, young people from across Stoke on Trent will get the opportunity to put forward the
issues that matter to them and have them answered by our expert panel of leaders. Our panel for
the debate are The Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent Councillor Majid Khan, Chief Executive Officer YMCA North Staffordshire Daniel Flynn, Councillor Alistair Watson and Healthwatch Manager Val Lewis.

Over the summer, UpRising has worked with a diverse group of talented young people in
Staffordshire as part of the My Voice My Vote programme. The programme gives young
people from across the county the opportunity to gain an understanding of voting and politics, as
well as the chance to run their own digitall action campaign. On Thursday 11th September, participants
will be showcasing their campaigns as well as hosting the political debate for young

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