So, after a mighty fun weekend, the third part of my review of V festival is in essence a compact look at three things from the weekend, Beyonce, Kings of Leon and the festival as a whole.

For now, I’ll begin at the end, Beyonce, while delivering a faultless musical performance, combined with sublime visual effects, the kind rarely seen outside of full blown arena tours,unfortunately it was a shame that her set was marred with an extremely late entrance (30+ minutes) and a number of long, somewhat unnecessary videos/costume changes between songs, that sadly robbed a lively set of much of its momentum but it would be remiss of me to say that for a single performer to dominate a stage in the fashion demonstrated by Beyonce is a rare and an epic sight indeed. Aside from these niggles the show proved to be a glitzy, slick end to the weekend.

The headline act for Saturday proved to almost the antithesis of Sunday with Kings of Leon providing a minimalist show, cruising from song to song with perfect precision, with an almost impossible level of technical prowess on display, proving a challenge to find any faults with the musical skill on display. If I were to go looking for faults, my one disappointment, was they seemed to make little use of the opportunity of being able to put together a more impressive stage show, resulting in, perhaps, a lack of “raze-ma-tazz”

So, onto the festival as a whole, I’ll be honest, V isn’t what I’d call my home turf, it’s very much a festival I’ve always been aware of but never been interested in, perhaps a tad dismissive, and I’ll happily hold my hands up and admit that I’ve been converted, although not all the music was to my taste I can easily see why the non-stop no hold barred party atmosphere can drag people from all corners into a pair of arenas to watch some of the best musicians who are around at the moment doing what they do best, bringing the party.

By Patrick Lawton

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