The second day of V festival began with our early arrival into the arena, giving us a chance to properly take stock of our surroundings that we missed yesterday owing to a slightly rushed entry.

The Arena for the most part is well put together, with all the stages placed so as to not be too close together but at the same time, not feel obtrusively far apart, the two main issues that were present in the arena were sound bleeding, an almost unavoidable problem I will admit, but the close proximity of the Comedy and Arena tents meant anyone sat watching the Comedy tent’s screen was often straining to hear. The second was the placement of a large road between the 4 music stage and the edge of the arena, this often caused congestion at busy periods, and at times felt like poor planning to have not worked out a way to prevent them from either needing a road, or from having vehicles moving between acts.

The first band of the day was Vox Empire playing the futures stage to a slightly more delicate, but no less enthusiastic looking crowd, their punk tinged rock sound going some way to shake the early revellers from their torpor. The short energy packed set went far to show that if they continue to play like they performed at V then big success is likely in their future.

Another band for whom great success is likely just over the horizon are silhouette a Northern Irish Rock band combining an electro rock sound with the unusual addition of the cello and violin. The end result is a fantastic mix of fun rock combined with very Irish DNA. Listen to our exclusive interview below!

After deciding to go and see our first act of the day on the main stage we were treated to the aural feast that is Paloma faith, a singer who barely needs a backing band to entrance the crowd,with even passers by stopping to watch her sultry southern tones.

One point of note from the festival was the excellent choice of food on offer, ranging from the More mainstream burger van to the slightly outlandish, Ostrich burgers anyone? These smaller touches all go to enhance the festival experience, as what better place to try something new, than at a festival surrounded by like minded people experiencing the same things alongside you.

Anyhow, I digress, following a brief lunch break we chose to go and view Travis at the Arena stage, who by a comfortable 20 minutes before the start of their set had managed to fill the tent, with slimmest of gaps between the people in the crowd, by the time the band begin the atmosphere within tent is palpable, with people evidently loving the performance by the end of their set, which involved a three man guitar playing effort, the band has successfully managed to convince almost everyone in the tent to start po-going, including the security at the front, and I believe that stands testament to the quality of the performance.

Following an out of the blue success of their single “Little Talks” one would be forgiven for passing Of Monsters and Men off as a one hit wonder but this Icelandic indie folk quintets performance proves otherwise, with each song getting the crowd more and more involved, the brilliant peppy sounds a perfect match to the sunny, festival atmosphere.

Two of the most surprising acts for myself over the course of day were Djs Netsky and Fresh, both of whom while providing very different forms of electronic music (even to my admittedly untrained ears) both managed to give sets full of the same manic crowd pleasing energy. The sheer intensity of both performances a spectacle with the technical excellence of the performers adding an additional layer of quality to these already brilliant shows.

By Patrick Lawton

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