Ben Elton”s sci-fi musical based on the songs of Queen is a must see show. The opening night performance was so good that the packed house gave the cast a much deserved standing ovation. The voices of all the performers are brilliant and it would be unfair to single anyone out.

The production is awe inspiring and 24 of Queen’s great songs are belted out superbly. The first half of the show sets the scene . Visually it is wonderful and looking back at a video tape is amusing, largely due to the pronunciation of that and the word television!

The finale, wow! I will go as far as to say that I have not spent a more enjoyable couple of hours at the Regent . A wonderful cast, funny jokes, fantastic live band and some of the greatest songs ever written. They did rock us all.

I could go back and watch it again. It is well worth the admission don’t miss it!

Mon -Sat 7-30 wed and Sat Mats 2-30 http://ATGTICKETS.COM/Stoke

WE WILL ROCK YOU by Elton, , Writer and Director – Ben Elton, Set Designer – Mark Fisher, Costume Designer – Tim Goodchild, Lighting designer – Willie Williams, Credit: Johan Persson

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