It’s North Staffordshire YMCA’s 100th birthday and we are pleased to be celebrating 100 years of loving North Staffordshire with them at Knot FM.

The celebrations will commence with a 24 hour radio marathon on Knot FM from midday 15th May until midday 15th May. YMCA staff members Angela Pye and Ellen Anderson will commence the celebrations with the radio endurance event and both are delighted to work with the station, as are Knot FM to be honoured to start the 100 year celebrations.

This is followed by 100 balloons being released by the Lord Mayor on Friday 17th May at 11:30am. Balloons have been sponsored by local businesses and communities and all funds raised will support 3 young people from North Staffordshire to attend the European Youth Festival in Prague.

We then have a summer of fun including sport, creativity, music events, cycle rides, free running, kickboxing and much much more. If you want to celebrate loving North Staffordshire or wish to know more about what’s going on then please contact Nicky Twemlow on 07969 951021 / 01782 222376

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