A group of residents from North Staffordshire YMCA are aiming to make a Web Series based on Youth Culture and the misrepresentation of socially stereotyped people.

They plan an eight part web series, based around a small group of friends in education all from a completely different background. The show surrounds there bonding as a group, their struggles individually and their solutions to these problems.

In a bid to gain the necessary funds they have taken to setting up a Kickstarter page and asking people to pledge. Quoted on the page the group state

We are really passionate about putting our efforts into changing these stereotypes, as it is something we have all been through.

……we want to start a movement where it is okay for people to just be people, without worrying about their given labels.

The group, calling themselves ‘TheM’ require £2500 to bring this project to life. You can back this project or learn more by clicking on the link below


Or check out the Facebook page


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