The Regent bounced back to life as Grease which opened in Chicago in 1971 hit the town. This production varies from the original but with beautiful sets and great acting by the cast we travel through the story of Sandy and Danny.

The choreography is outstanding. The real excitement takes place in the second act and you cannot fail to be swept along by the energy and fast moving pace of the show, particularly following the interval.
Peter Andre, plays the role of Teen Angel and Vince Fontaine  at certain productions from September 1st-3rd  and we expect he may struggle to make himself heard above the cheering for his songs but the stars of the show on this performance  were Rizzo and Kenickie who were so like the characters from the film. Vocally outstanding too. In fact the whole cast is full of outstanding talent.
The musical brings back the 50’s nostalgia. The audience loved it, singing along throughout. The Pink Ladies and the Burger Palace Boys had the crowd laughing and the second act flew by. The finale had everyone standing and clapping and the choreography from Arlene Phillips complimented both the singing and storyline.
As we emerge from the shadow of Covid, undoubtedly some will be apprehensive of attending live events. The staff of the Regent and the organisation at the venue made us feel as comfortable as possible. Don’t miss out on seeing this fine production for that reason. The show is uplifting with a great feel good factor. The perfect tonic after a miserable 20 months.
Grease runs at the Regent from August 30th to September 4th . Peter Andre appears  from Sept 1st-3rd.

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