This show is  packed with innuendo and lots of lingerie, but it remains immense family  fun. The audience of all ages had a great time. This show has been going since 1973 and  continues to pack them in, fuelled by the sweet transvestite from transsexual, Transylvania.

The cute couple just waiting to be corrupted don’t fail to please.  Clifton’s vocals are a pleasant surprise and James Darch plays the role of Brad to perfection. The biggest delight (and not  just for his muscles), though, is Calum Eva as Rocky. He is a perfect physical specimen, as one expects the creature created by Frank for his pleasure, and also has a good singing voice. However, it is his  gymnastics which raised the roof.
Steve Punt as the narrator fed the audience the bewildering succession of lines which a committed section of the crowd vollied back with additions that he skillfully manipulated to add to the fun. This is a mass participation affair.

On stage, the small cast commit with gusto as the ramshackle plot,  humour and pastiche musical numbers propel it all to the explosive climax.  The set was fantastic, made up of an oversized metal film reel running above the stage, which was a  nod to old cinema.  The Time Warp was just the beginning of the entertainment and it had everyone on their feet showing off the  choreography. The orchestra was located on a gantry above the stage rather than the orchestra pit, meaning we could hardly see them  but their presence was obvious throughout the musical numbers.
The characters are proud and unashamed of being “different”, (in this case from outer space). The ending was out of this world (literally), and too funny to feel any sadness over its  end.

I left the show, like most people all smiles. I have seen it several times  but, this is one of the best productions and next time the show tours, I will certainly be doing the Time Warp again.The finale brings out the entire cast in heels and corsets and gets everyone  on their feet for riotous encores of Time Warp and Sweet Transvestite. All the cast are great but Kristian Lavercombe and Duncan James deserve a special mention for outstanding performances.

The Rocky Horror Show: It’s camp, confusing, and crazy and you will love it!

Tickets for The Rocky Horror Picture Show are on sale for Theatre Card holders now and  available from the Regent Theatre Box Office counter, by calling 0844 871 7649 or visiting

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
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