This is a fun filled family show which tells the tale of a lonely ogre whose swamp is invaded by fairytale characters  banished from their home in the land of Duluc because they’re different.
It all began with a giant storybook, with Shrek and his parents poking their heads out to talk.
It was really clever and seemed as though they were literally coming to life off the page. Best of all was Dragon, an incredible puppet brought to life by four puppeteers. How she moved, sang and fluttered her eyelids was fabulous. Fiona, played by Amelia Lily made for a  loveable princess. Donkey, played by Marcus Ayton, was great fun too.
The characters made famous by the timeless Dreamworks animation were brought to life by a cast which captured their every mannerism.
Lord Farquaad, played by Samuel Holmes, was the star of the show, and had the audience in stitches each time he walked (I use this term very loosely) on stage. Holmes’ ability to spend the entire show on his knees is very impressive.

Steffan Harri is a perfect Shrek and helps make this a fun and joyful show that has everyone coming out singing I’m A Believer. The show is lively, humorous and memorable , great family entertainment
Shrek the Musical runs at The Regent Theatre from Wednesday 2 – Sunday 13 May 2018. Tickets are available from the Box Office, by calling 0844 871 7649 or visiting

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